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The owner was a professional helicopter mechanic, for crying out loud.

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Worldwide, this bike was the Diversion. Here in America, though, it was the Seca II. With 61 horsepower and a six-speed transmission, this bike has the right amount of oomph for its completely archaic suspension and bland single front disc brake. The KZ is a close relative of the KZ They were both neat, fun little bikes — very lively and eager to please.

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The KZ was regarded as a bit more homely than the KZ by many; it was one of a parade of Japanese cruisers that simply employed buckhorn handlebars and a stepped seat to magically change it from a standard to a cruiser. The LTD I found looks pretty good. The tubing diameter certainly is beefy. The tires on here are probably 6, years old white-letter Yokohamas?! Six years after the Seca II hung it up, Yam introduced another half-faired, inline-four street brawler.

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Packing the previous-gen R6 engine, these motorcycles were always a little peakier than most bikes in this category. These bikes have a lot going for them. Fuel injection means a seller should be able to have you hear it run.

Our example here looks like you could dine right from it and the bike comes with a top box and mount plate. The bikes are underpowered, rev out way too fast, and wear weird tire sizes, but they have some neat features. They use an un-splined shifter shaft that allows the shift lever to roll out of the way in a tipover, rather than breaking.

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They also are not painted — the body panels are made from Surlyn the stuff on the outside of a golf ball , and the color is molded into the plastic. And they have hydraulic lifters no valve checks and an automatically tensioning belt. You can have the bowl off that carb lickety-split. Under half an hour, easy. Maybe singles are the exception to the Japanese-only rule? Fancy something you like and want to spread the payments? Subject to eligibility and other terms and conditions. Most visitors are blown away by how comprehensive our range is, and what a great shopping experience they've had.

Dealer Stealer: 5 Best New Motorcycles Under $5, | HiConsumption

What are you waiting for? What people are saying about us Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking! Have to say, I was thoroughly impressed with Fowlers on the whole. I couldn't and actually didn't believe the price on their website for the item I was looking at a front brake disc and so gave them a quick ring to ask how much it really was. The gentleman was quick to answer and as friendly as you could ask for, he explained that they are genuine Honda dealers, both bikes and parts and instead of charging exorbitant prices like every other website and shop I'd checked, they pass the savings from cost price directly on to the customer.

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I couldn't believe it, I told him just how much a front disc was going to cost from the other places I had checked and he sounded flabbergasted. He recommended I order online as I'd save a little more on top, so that's what I done. The item arrived within 2 days excellently packaged as shown.

Honda Rebel 300

I've been a biker for over 15 years and I cannot believe I never knew about this place. The money I could have saved myself had I known earlier beggars belief. I cannot recommend them enough, if you need a part no matter how big, small or the cost, check Fowlers first, I bet you'll find what you need here cheaper. An absolutely fantastic place.

Welcome to Fowlers

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